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Friday, July 09, 2004

Leave KL 

I will leave KL in tomorrow morning or afternoon. I call a taxi to help me to move all of my things to Batu Pahat. It cost me RM140.

Before leave KL, I want to say bye-bye to all my friends in KL, that is Foo Eet, Chee Keong, Angeline, Chok Loon, Catherine, Guat Ting, Tien Mee, Steven, and a lot.. until I can't remember the name in this moment.

And say bye-bye to KL and TARC college. I really learn many things in KL and college life!

Elken NDT 

Yeah... Elken will held one big NDT (new distributor training) in Katerina Hotel, Batu Pahat. I wish I can take photo with a lot of CCMs and MCCMs.

This event is my starting point in Elken, I want to seriously work in it! This week learn something again in Elken, one sentence really touch my heart, convert to English is like that: "Don't feel that you are useless, if you don't want to take action, nobody can help you success!" Actually this sentence come from a song called "bu2 yao4 ren4 wei2 zi4 ji3 mei2 you3 yong4"


Talk convo again
I want to thanks all of my friends, who help me take the convo photo! Especially Foo Eet's brother. Without them, I don't know how to take the convo photo! Really! Last two days, I took out my convo picture again, saw the picture again and again. These picture are my unforgetable memory!!

Friends' light
What is my chinese name? Yew = friend; Beng = light

I wish that one day, I can be my friends' light, brighten myself, and also brighten others!

My star poem
In friedster.com, Kenny remind me that I had written a poem before, this is my one and only one poem, wrote it three, four year ago:

Star light, star bright,
first star I see tonight,
wish I may, wish I might.

Star smile, star blink,
father's dimple mother's eye,
wish their love, wish their kind.

Star far, star high,
first star I see tonight,
wish I may, wish I might.

Star fly, star cry,
sing a love song to the star,
wish my lover, wish my friends!

First two paragraph showing my feeling toward those people who really love me. Last two paragraph showing my feeling toward those people who I really love.

Wish to use this poem to bless all of you, so that we can treasure those people who love us and treasure those people we love!


I fail my driving test
Too hungry, too nervous, too tired! Why I fail the test? Can these three reason become the answer ?
I really bodoh, ji betul! This is what the tester scold me. Yes.. I really a road idiot and car idiot!

This is the first time I have a very strong feeling of failure.. I feel that I really useless! However, the feeling is over very soon.. Because of Elken and Buddhist, I learn how to face failure. If I still sad, I should not show the sadness face in front of people! I tell my sadness feeling in my blog.. maybe this is the way, to reduce my sadness.

Come KL 

Just came KL yesterday, still with tired physical and mental

When sit on the bus, saw one mother wait his son until the bus run away. This let me remind that, when I first times take bus to KL, my father also wait for me, until the bus run away. Had such times, when I sit one the bus, strunggle, don't want to let my tears come out from my eyes, but it is already three, four year ago's thing liau... Now, already accommodate, no much feeling when I take bus from Batu Pahat to KL. However.. this is my last time to take bus to come KL.

Touching again...
In Masjib Jamek lrt stesen, one boy fall down suddenly. His toy fell on the floor far from him. The boy cry.. Suddenly, a young man come, and give the toy to the boy. The boy's mother say 'thanks' frequently to the guy. The world is full of love!!

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